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Torball is a sport for the blind and visually impaired people. It is played by two teams with three players in sports halls. Each team may use up to three subs/workers.


The playing field measures 16 x 7 meters. The gates over the entire width and 1.3 meters high. Outside are three rugs that something be positioned offset and are used solely for the convenience of the player.


Used a football-like ball of ring below must be thrown during the game by hand three lines stretched on the field of play through. To create equal conditions between the different vision restrictions, all playing wear dark glasses, that means all "play blind". During a game it should be as quiet in the hall, so that the assets can interpret the noise caused by the ball, the attacker or the other players.


Aim of the game is to throw, he crossed the opposing goal line, while the other team, lying sideways, trying to fend off the ball the ball.



Sounds simple? This is however not when you consider that the game ends only then should take the defensive position, when the ball has left the hand of the shooter. In addition, the balls can reach quite a speed of up to 100 km/h. There, often not much time remains to respond.

On the next turn, the previously defending team takes over the offensive game, and the previous attacker defend your goal.

Is one of the three lines of the ball or a player touched, there is a free-kick. A free kick must be the cause of the field, and his teammates need to fend off the ball for two. The third free kick is a penalty. This means that when two teams each only a gambling off the Middle mat from attacking or fends off.

The pure game time 2 times 5 minutes. In a tournament will be played between 7 and 11 matches.


In this sport, the athleticism, the rapid response, a good orientation and a tactical finesse are important.


The playing field

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