Opening ceremony June 25, 2015


Dr. Max Ott declared the 5th Torball World Championship open. On Wednesday, the Argentine national team has already arrived, the rest of the teams arrived on Thursday. With the melody of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", the opening ceremony will be initiated. After being welcomed by Fritz Bolliger and thanks to the main sponsors Schweizerischen Blindenverband SBV, Swiss Torballvereinigung STBV and foundation of the 5th European Championships for the visually impairind in 1989 in Zurich followed the entry of the nations. Thereafter come the speeches of the Committee President Christoph Käser, the President of STBV Barbara Bösiger and finally the IBSA delegates Dr. Max Ott. During the subsequent aperitif, the participants were culinarily spoiled.




First match day June 26, 2015


Our first matchday has started exciting and dynamic. The teams have used all their powers and they gave the best. In the men's teams, Switzerland is currently in the lead, and between the third, fourth and fifth place is only 1 point difference in order to qualify for the next round. Those teams are from Germany, Italy and Argentina.

The women's team from Switzerland had a poor start. But could preserve his chances with a win in the last game. Austria is at the top of the table; but here everything is still possible.

The youth team from Romania, Cluj-Napoca LSDV is sovereign in leadership. In second and third place teams are from TB Glarus and Austria. The boys have shown who is the future of Torball. We look forward to the second round.




Second match day June 27, 2015



As already predictable after the first match day,  the men's team from Switzerland still at the top of the table. Who qualifies addition to Switzerland and Austria for the semi finals, is still open.

In the women is still open who qualified for the Final. Possible finalists are Germany, Austria or UNADEV.

The youth team from Romania remains unbeaten. Who is playing next to them in the semifinals will be seen. We are excited about the further course.



We are pleased to announce the finalists:


- Men: Germany-Austria

- Women: Germany-Austria

- Youth: LSDV Cluj-Napoca - Austria




Congratulations to the World Champions


Team Men



Team Women



Team Youth



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